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The Joys of Flatpack Furniture

We have made it to Germany!! As I thought it would be, it is truly freezing! Wednesday lunchtime saw us arriving to minus 7 and snow. I was not very impressed as most of my warm clothes were in my apartment with a 4 hours of autobahn between us.

The beautiful snow covered pine trees on the autobahn

We spent the night in Frankfurt before collecting our hire car and setting off to Munster. Dad took all of 40 minutes once arriving in Germany to sniff out of Bratwurst stand. For those of you who don’t know, bratwursts are the only reason my Dad comes to Germany. They are his favourite thing to eat at all times of the day. His German is strictly limited to ‘ein Bratwurst mit brotchen, bitte’.

We hit fairly heavy snow and fog on the way to Munster, and the trip was slow. We stopped at a roadhouse for some lunch and the snow was at least a foot thick. Naturally, I thought it completely necessary to run and jump in the snow. Not really the smartest idea when you have a dodgy leg and sure enough as soon as my foot landed on the ice, I slipped and promptly face planted in front of many assumed Germans. Tourist anyone?

And right there is where I fell ...

The rest of the day was spent experiencing the joys of flat packed furniture. It is now three days into my ‘German Adventure’ and I still have the majority of furniture to actually assemble; well Dad does. So far we have the table, chairs, lounge and the TV unpacked with the study desk, wardrobe, beds and TV cabinet to go.

We unpacked the bed, only to find out it was broken. Off we toddled back to Poco to find out they don’t make that bed anymore! So, we had to pick another, squish it into our hire car and then fall down the stairs to my apartment, being pushed by a 50kg bed from behind.

I have had my first few training sessions on Lotus and everything seems to be on track. She really has developed more muscle in the time I’ve been away and a quick measure showed us all that she has grown as well! Lotus was extremely happy to see me and wasted absolutely no time looking for her favourite treats.

I think the only reason this horse likes me is because I feed her snacks.

We will have to go to the tack store and buy her another winter rug as the weather is going to get really cold. She is due for another clip soon as well. It seems that in the next few weeks we might have a competition to get to which will be fantastic. Lotus is still very much a baby and we are taking her education slowly to preserve her for many years to come. She has just turned 7, and so mentally she is also developing.

We are all very happy with her and hope her progress continues. She is such a fun horse to ride and is constantly trying. With her new found muscles, she is definitely trying to be the boss at times and she does require a bit of a strict hand when it comes to certain things. I don’t want 700kg running me over! I have a little welcome video for your all that I will upload once I get wifi!

In the meantime, I am madly trying to study for my exams which is made even more difficult by the fact I don’t have internet. The Telekom people aren’t available for two weeks – typical! I spent an entire morning on the phone to Optus back in Australia to see if I could turn my iPad on to global roaming only to be put on hold. Finally, I got to talk to someone and we were making progress when… the phone cut out. I nearly screamed in frustration!

I have scoured the area for an internet café, and after hours of searching, I found one! I am now stealing their internet whilst madly downloading lectures and drinking enoromous amounts of coffee. Just to make everything really difficult, I had to pick two law subjects for this trimester that are really impossible to understand unless you listen to every bit of online material. Of course for that you need internet.

I’ll write again soon. Hopefully Telekom have installed my Wifi by then!

Mil and Lotus x

Our weather forecast!

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