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To the Airport We Go!

IIt’s amazing how quickly the time really goes. It is now just 4 days until I head back to Germany. I feel like I truly just got home to Australia. I’m actually quite surprised at myself as I had all these amazing plans and things I was going to do whilst I was home, and I’ve actually done them all. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, because now I am on a roll, I actually don’t want to stop!

The horses here are feeling amazing, which is always the way just before they are about to have a big holiday. Ultra nearly died the other day when we started some hill work. It is her most hated thing in the world. But we kept it fairly casual and strolled around, which was more like dragging the feet and huffing and puffing in protest at every step from Ultra.

Little Pixie is an endless source of entertainment. She is growing every day and getting more and more adventurous. Pea has been a fantastic mummy and is really doing a great job. It’s hard to imagine that the next time I will see them both, Pixie will be all grown up into what I hope is an amazing horse. I am quietly hoping she loses her current tendency to buck by the time I’m ready to stick a saddle on!

I will miss this cheeky little girl.

I am madly trying to pack, and throwing what feels like my entire life into two suitcases is a becoming a bit of a challenge! I feel both a little sad and excited about the next year. My tiny dog, Leroy, sits by with his head sagging as he watches me with sad eyes. Guilt trip to the maximum! I will miss my little sidekick, and not for the first time I am wishing Germany was closer so I could take him with me. He is my constant shadow and we will both feel a bit lost without each other.

Leroy was a bit of a funny story. The day I got him was probably the worst day I can remember ever having. It was the day of my insurance settlement conference for compensation in relation to my car accident. Although it had been coming for a very long five years, the day was a very emotional and tiring one. To hear how a company sums up what has happened to you in tiny little numbers is devastating. There truly is no price you can put on suffering, or changes to your life that you can’t get back. I came to realise that no matter what happened that day, no money offered would ever be enough to get my legs back.

I was so devastated on the drive home that night from Sydney, that my Mum had decided I needed a little friend. Our dear family dog, Oscar had passed away in 2013 at the age of 18 and I missed him terribly. An hour after leaving Sydney, and being stuck in a terrible storm for most of it, we made a little side stop where Mum presented me with this tiny ball of fluff in the hope he would cheer me up.

As it turned out, I was looking for a companion but had never really done anything about getting another dog as I was still in denial about Oscar. It’s funny how attached we get to our pets! But Leroy was exactly what I didn’t want: Chihuahua, long-haired, and a boy. Now, he is one very muscly, healthy and fit Chihuahua that runs around after me and weighs nearly 5kg. He was supposed to be a maximum of 2.7kg. Oversized much?

I have been watching the weather over the last few days in the middle of our heatwave here. Naturally, it is cold and snowy in Germany and so I am well prepared with the jackets loaded up by the dozens. My suitcases are mostly packed, and luckily this time the majority of the gear for Lotus is already there. The 40-something degree change in temperature is going to be a big shock, I am sure.

In other news, I am very privileged to welcome a bran new sponsor, Promectin Plus Mini. The company have been amazing to deal with, and have fast-tracked my package full of goodies so I have it with me when I go on Tuesday. I am very excited to develop this partnership, and also extremely happy to know that the horses at home will have their worming needs taken care of whilst I’m gone.

Ride n Shine horse care have also been amazing, giving me a beautiful blingy browband to wish us luck on our Road to Rio. It was custom made with our colours – Tiffany Blue! – and will suit Lotus perfectly. Hopefully it is our lucky browband!

Our new lucky browband.

This time next week we will be well into our training and probably freezing at the same time. I’ll post an update as soon as I am able. The next few days are going to be pretty hectic, and I also have uni exams the first week I land in Germany. Time to start studying!

Until next time,

Mil x

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