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A Tiny Baby

I have once again been quite slack in the blog update department. I guess the main reason is… WE HAVE A FOAL!! Anyone who has seen my Facebook page would have seen the giant influx of foal spam. I have finally decided on ‘Pixie’ as her name as she is so tiny and fairy-like. I don’t think she will stay that way!

We had headed off to Wollongong for my brother’s University graduation and sure enough, that night, Pea foaled. It was a huge surprise as she really wasn’t due until December 29 and she had shown no signs of foaling at all. I was of course; convinced I was getting a brown colt with two white legs and a stripe. When I got the photo of Pixie showing a bay filly with a star and plain legs I didn’t quite know what to say!

Pea has been fantastic for a maiden mare and I couldn’t have wished for a smoother, easier foaling for her. We were all so sure the foal would be massive with all sorts of trouble and when little 9hh Pixie popped out we couldn’t believe it. She has been a constant source of distraction for us all over the last week. Even James, who is as anti-horse as you can find, is in love with her.

Ultra is now back in full work after I have recovered from my wisdom teeth removal. I believe I must be one of the only people who has lost weight over Christmas! We have been working a lot on getting her nice and supple and building muscle. Unfortunately Ultra has always been a bit like steering the Titanic in Sydney Harbour so she is finding the work a bit difficult.

She is still so chubby that my jump saddle and girth has yet to fit so her gallop work has yet to commence! I have thought long and hard about moving Ultra on as she is such a good mare that the thought of her sitting in a paddock for a year makes me very sad. I think we all go through this at one stage. I had thought of various options that involved leasing her out, giving her to my coach, putting her in foal, selling her, moving her to Germany or just leaving her.

Ultra is not too impressed with the new arrival.

I am very fussy with my horses, and I wasn’t keen on the lease idea. My coach fell pregnant and I had to think long and hard about how many foals I wanted. After Rio, I would come home to two mares with foals and four horses I couldn’t ride. That left the option of selling her, taking her with me or leaving her be. Although I thought long and hard, I couldn’t justify the expense of moving Ultra to Germany when my goal was training with Lotus for Rio.

I had many sleepless nights but although I felt it was wrong, I bit the bullet and advertised her. The offers and calls started immediately, and I lasted two days before I withdrew her from sale. I am a big sook, but Ultra really is so special to me. 8 months of being a horse won’t hurt her. She is still young and sound, one day we will do our first 3*** event when my legs get strong again and for that reason I can never sell her. So for the moment, she will be a big fat grey pony until I return home in September.

We had our traditional German Christmas Eve at my Oma’s house before travelling to Sydney Christmas Day to be with my partner’s family. I returned to work on Monday 28th and have kept running on since! The packing has already started for the plane trip back. Luckily I left nearly all my riding and winter gear there or I will most certainly have baggage issues!

I promise the champange was just for show!!

I hope Santa was good to you all.

Mil x

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