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Australian Summer

I have arrived back in the land of heat! It has now been a week since we landed home and I am sorry to say I have been a bit slack with the blog updates.

The last week in Germany was probably our best training-wise. We really got it together and my final video of training would have to be the one I am most proud of. Lotus really is truly amazing and I am so excited to get back in January and keep going with her. Briana will take great care of her over Christmas and Lotus even gets a week off from training which I am sure she will be very happy about.

Saying goodbye to Lotus

In other news, we found an apartment!! Naturally, it was the last one we looked at, and was a bit more than I wanted to pay per month but I didn’t care by that stage. Dad was very helpful when it came to moving in my large amounts of flat packed furniture, and next year the first job will be to put it all together. The apartment is being re-painted whilst I am away so the furniture is in a large pile of boxes in the bathroom, shower and well, anywhere else it would fit.

I am lucky enough to have a small garden with a tiny bit of lawn. However, the lawn mower it electric and the chances of me running over the cable are very high. I’m thinking (hoping) I won’t have to mow because it will be covered in snow for most of the year!

We left Frankfurt early in the morning on our flight with snow and temperatures of -7. By the time we got to Sydney, we had all undergone a temperature increase of nearly 40 degrees. This week has really gotten to me with the heat, and I am finding it a bit tough. Apparently it was hotter a few weeks ago though, so I am getting no sympathy!

Snow in Frankfurt

Dad and my brother did an excellent job of looking after the horses whilst I was gone. Pea has grown even more and her belly is huge! I had a mild panic attack when I learnt that she had been bagged up for a few weeks, and so we took her off to the stud to foal down as I am too nervous for her to do it at home. We are now anxiously awaiting the phone call to hear what we have. The staff at the stud have been wonderful and think she will foal sometime this week. Exciting! They have also all guessed what the foal will be as per my little game we have going (guess the colour, gender, white markings, early or late and the closest guess wins!) however they used their foal predictor program so I think that’s cheating!

Pea and her belly. The picture really doesnt show how big she is!

Ultra is also looking fantastic and after getting new shoes on Thursday; she is back in work and loving it. It took her a week to forgive me enough for being away before she would come to me in the paddock. My brother was the only one able to catch her for a while! I have missed the ride on her but compared to Lotus, it is a whole different world. I have been working on teaching Ultra the new aids and commands I learnt in Germany as well as the voice commands that make it a lot more effective for me to ride. She is taking everything in and very happy to do what I ask but I think the bribing with food has helped!

Ultra was very happy for a wash. She was no longer brown but grey :)

As per usual I have hit the ground running! I have two uni assignments due next Sunday (which I’m supposed to be doing now), a few Christmas parties to get to, Christmas shopping to be done and to top it all off, my wisdom teeth are due to come out next Tuesday. I have gone back to work 3 days per week to help recharge the bank account for next year and the amount of support I have received from customers has been amazing. I am truly in awe of the amount of people that have been following my blog and updates whilst I have been gone. I feel like I am riding for all of you!

Over the next few weeks in the lead up to Christmas Ultra and the two old farts will be ridden with the plan to keep them fit and healthy over summer. Pea will hopefully have a healthy baby. I’ve told her we would like a black filly, white stripe, two even back socks, 16.2hh and a medium build. But I think we will get a chestnut colt with three legs, blaze and will either be tiny like Pea or a giant like the sire.

Pea and the sire Furstenball. You can enter the competition on my facebook page!

Until next time!

Mil and the furry kids.

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