• Amelia White

Cold, Packing and Sponsors!

It has once again been a mad two weeks here! Plans are well-underway for the trip, with our hire car sorted when we land at Frankfurt airport. Mum thought she had escaped her fine from speeding on the Autobahn, only to have it turn up in the mail yesterday! We all laughed hysterically when the photo of her highly-concentrated face appeared on the fine. Apparently speeding in Mini Cooper’s is a serious business!

On a non-horsey note, the family spent the weekend of the 19th in Sydney for Dad’s birthday. It was probably the last time we will all be together until Christmas, with James down in Woollongong and doing his final exams. We arrived home on Sunday night to rain and one very unhappy Ultra! The thought of being left outside, in the rain, with a late dinner is worse than death to Miss Ultra.

As punishment, she was a rather large barge of a thing the next day when she decided that no, riding was not to be done today. Despite being on edge the whole time and believing all manner of things were going to eat her, she worked incredibly well and our first attempt at sequence changes went off perfectly. Unfortunately there was no one around to see! No such thing as “Spring in September” when you live in Orange as we rode in ice, and a wind chill of -2 that day!

Little Pea is growing by the day with her foal due in December. We are all very excited and nervous first-time foal mummy/owners! Those who know Pea, know how independent and cantankerous she is so we are all a bit keen to see how she will be with a foal.

As the time to get on the plane gets closer (I am having major “I-don’t-want-to-be-an-adult-anymore moments!) I am finishing up at my job with Horseland Orange. I have been there for five years, and it is a major change to no longer be working there. The whole team are fantastic, and extremely supportive of my dream. I will miss them all! As a farewell and a thank you, the Bossman and Bosslady (Husband and Wife team, Barbara and René) gave me a lovely goodie bag for Lotus.

Barb, the talented artist she is, also painted my rather large Chihuahua Leroy to take with me. As I have made the choice to leave Leroy here with Mum and Dad in Australia, I will miss his little face dearly, so Barb decided I needed to take his portrait. She is very talented! Thank you Barb!

I am also very excited to welcome on board a new sponsor; Ride ‘n’ Shine! They have very kindly sponsored myself and Lotus, supplying us with amazing blingy browbands, jackets and fabulous shampoos and serums! With the European winter predicted to be a cold one, we will need those jackets. Now just to fit it all into the suitcase…

Lotus is going very well, settling in with Briana and working well. I am very excited to get training and get to some shows with her at the end of October. My International Competitors Licence arrived in the post last week, so now we are all good to go! It still all feels very surreal. It has been a dream of us all for so long, it's hard to imagine it is really happening.

A few more things need to put in to place before we can head off, but for the most part I am fairly organised. (I hope!) There is that tedious little thing called ‘uni exams’ that one must do… but at the moment the thought of sitting down to actually study Contract Law is very boring!

Until next time,

Mil x


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