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It has been a rather busy few weeks again at the house of White! The cold, wet winter of Orange continued for far longer than anyone would have liked, and I was really getting cranky at the sheer amount of wet breeches building up inside on the bathroom floor after days of riding in the rain. The poor horses back in Australia had a rather rude end to their month’s holiday with my arena being so wet, the only training we could do was to trot up and down the road.

Anyone one that knows Ultra, knows that ‘Princess’ is a really apt name for her. And, naturally, the thought of having to canter up and down the road in snow and rain was just far too much for Ultra, and so Ultra won that battle, and stayed in her stable. On days when the weather is really bad, it literally takes three of us to extract her from the stable. She is more than happy to stay warm and dry!

We had a few days of sunshine and I was able to get out and do some showjumping in preparation for a few shows we had coming up. There were some very happy and keen ponies that day!

Mum and I then took both Johnny and Ultra to a training day at the Forbes Show. Johnny cruised around the 80cm class to come home with a 3rd place. We were very surprised, considering he really hadn’t had much work since I had returned home, and with the weather I had only managed to jump him once. Not bad for an old man at 20!

Ultra was the star of the show, redeeming herself after ditching me at Riders Series. I had joked the day before that as the prize was a bale of hay, Ultra actually had to earn her dinner that night. We all burst out laughing when she came home with a 2nd place from the 1m class, winning her hay bale for the night. She seemed pretty pleased with herself. She must have thought that one bale of hay was enough, as she left her legs behind for the 1.10m class and had two rails down.

That weekend we travelled to Cudal for the Cudal Show where I decided to just ride Ultra in the jumping. After a tense warm up, she pulled it together in the ring to come home with a 3rd place. Once again the prize was a bag of feed! Clearly the only way to get Ultra to keep those knees up is to tempt her with food.

We now have just three weeks until Mum and I fly back to Germany and the packing has already begun. It is so stressful trying to shove 40kg of horse gear into a suitcase! My way of doing it is just to find the biggest possible suitcase, and sit on it to close it! Obviously, I’m going to be doing a bit of repacking before we have to leave. Lotus is doing well in her new home with Briana, and we are all excited to see her again.

I will certainly miss my big grey princess though!

Mil x

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