• Amelia White

Back to Australia!

So I'm back in Australia! Mum and I had a great time in Germany, despite a few little problems.

The main thing is... we found a horse! After the long and heart-breaking process of the black horse I nick-named 'Schatzi', we weren't so sure we would find another suitable horse in just the short time we had left. However, superwoman Briana was not to be doubted! Sure enough, we managed to get in to see a few more horses and as it turned out, the last horse we looked at (horse number 30!) turned out to be the one.

Her name is Lotus, and she is a 7 year old Hannovarien mare at M level. She has some turly amazing paces that I think will really only get better with training and as she develops more. Mum and I spent the final days in Osnabruck buying horse gear like crazy people! We settled Lotus in to her new home with Briana before making the trip to Frankfurt for our 39 hour flight home.

I was, of course, infinetly entertained on the flight with a law essay that happened to be due the next day after arriving home. As the queen of procrastination, I was surprinsingly unable to procrastinate. There really is not much to do on an A380 despite the size! Even the cabin crew were wise to me, the stewardess at the Bar giving me a disapproving look and sending me back to my rather spacious buisness class seat to bore myself to death with Contract Law.

Once we were home, and my assignment submitted (thank you free wifi on the plane) I had one day to sort myself out before making my way to yet another airport for the trek to Brisbane for my best friend's wedding. I am not one person who copes well with jetlag, and the fact I got stuck at Orange airport for 2 hours because of snow was not helping my mood.

The wedding was fanastic, and a few days later I found myself flying home. I am normally a very lovely person, but after 5 days of no sleep, jetlag, and a flu, I lost my temper at the poor soul in Sydney airport who decided I needed to be checked for explosives. It wasn't his fault that I had already been checked 4 times that day but I don't think he apprciated my outburst of "do I really look like I have a bomb in my jacket?!". Security was called, and after having a meltdown at them, they must have felt sorry for me because they carried my rather heavy bag all the way to the gate!

It's back to business now. Another uni assignment has been submitted (Professional Conduct is a silly subject!), and the ponies are back in work and not too happy about it. I've left the sunshine behind in Europe and back to the cold, wet winter of Orange. I was hoping to hold on to my tan a bit longer!

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